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In a nutshell - Passionate, Innovative and Creative human being, who loves expressing ideas through creativity.

I'm taking off you on a journey. So please fasten your seat belts, the turbulence is about to start.

Social Media Creatives Campaign Idea #1

Conceptualized twitter creative campaign idea

This is a social media campaign concept for 'Thug' Beer and pug is the brand ambassador as 'thug dawg' or 'bewdaa dawg'. I created and tweeted these creatives during 'Absolut vodka in 6 different colors' launch on twitter as their promotion campaign was going on 13th September 2016.
I ran my own conceptualized campaign for alcoholic beverage beer product and named it as 'Thug' in 6 different flavors.

Product: Thug Beer
Tagline: Feel Absolute Idol.
Brand Ambassador: Thug Dawg
Available: In 6 different colors.
Pug Images source: Google Search

Social Media Creative Campaign Ideas

Travel package campaign creatives for a travel agency. I did this for Vaya Travels (Facebook campaign)

For almost 2 years I managed Vaya Travels facebook page where I got a chance to show my creatives through travel packages they were offering. Sharing few of them with you all.

Social Media Creative Campaign Idea

Social media creative campaign examples you can see on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Creative Campaign Idea 1: Photo frame creative

Creative Campaign Idea 2: 'Voyage of Discovery' for travel bloggers

Creative Campaign Idea 3: Social media creative '10 Habits'

Creative Campaign Idea 4: Twitter Header Design

Creative Campaign Idea 5: Social media creative Quotation by Shah Rukh Khan for Bollywood Hot Post

Creative Campaign Idea 6: Service profile Photo 'We deliver service not bills'

Creative Campaign Idea 7: Motivational Quotation by Mohammad Ali

Creative Campaign Idea 8: Educate girl child (2009)

Logo Designs

Logo's which I have designed so far

Logo Design 1: Trending Tech News Social media profile Logo
Logo Design 2: Trending Tech News Facebook Cover design
Logo Design 3,4: Photographer Logo
Logo Design 5: Big Tech Daddy Logo
Logo Design 6: Insta Garam Post Logo
Logo Design 7: Famous Quotes Reads Logo
Logo Design 8: 2020lity Frames Logo

Social Media Creative Campaign Example

Creative campaign For IoT (Internet Of Thing) Application settings (conceptualized)

Social Media Creative Campaign Idea for Internet of Things Applications (social media creatives). 'The Internet of things Mapping the value beyond the hype' by McKinsey Global Institute. Tried to put across this “settings” lens helps capture all sources of value; we identify nine settings where IoT creates value" from the book through creativity.

Social Media Creative Campaigns Idea

Social media creatives you can see on my Facebook, twitter and Instagram on different occasion.

Creative Campaign Design 1,2,3,4,5: Quotation

Creative Campaign Design 6: Burj Khalifa, Simply conceived it using google street view just to explore it's potential. I'm impressed & hope you too.

Creative Campaign Design 7: Make today ridiculously amazing.

Creative Campaign Design 8: Tribute to character 'moti'

Social Media Creatives

Social media Creatives, concepts, social media advert ideas and banner designs

Creative Campaign Example 1: Good News Offer Humour

Creative Campaign Example 2,3,4: Vaya Travel packages promoted on Facebook page.

Creative Campaign Example 5: Quotation

Creative Campaign Example 6: Facebook page cover designed for Dakshin Pravas

Creative Campaign Example 7: Consumer buying decision process during Google pixel launch.

Creative Campaign Example 8: Advert conceptualized for iPhone (Apple iPhone vs Google pixel) during google pixel launch

Social Media Creative Campaign Examples

for social media platforms.

Creative Campaign Example 1: Advert concept for Apple iPhone during google pixel launch on social media.

Creative Campaign Example 2: Advert concept for 'Courage'

Creative Campaign Example 3: Advert concept 'Spend responsibly during Apple iPhone 6 launch.

Creative Campaign Example 4: Motivational quotation by Bill Gates  

Creative Campaign Example 5: Social media creative designed when Devendra Jhajharia won Two paralympic Gold medals.

Creative Campaign Example 6: Quotation

Creative Campaign Example 7: Beach Holidays creative designed for Vaya Travels Facebook page.

Creative Campaign Example 8: Engineering without art is calculating (creative)

Video Campaign Example

Social Media Creative Campaign Concepts

Social Media creative ideas and concepts presented and shared On social media platform

Creative Campaign 1: Play Safe conceptualized advert (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 2: World Tourism Day (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 3: Experience Audi in 5 seconds (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 4: Apple iPhone (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 5: To promote India Tourism (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 6: iPhone vs Note 7 (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 7: Successful Manager (.gif animation) view

Creative Campaign 8: Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi (.gif animation) view
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Thank you for going through my journey.
I hope the ride was one of the joyous and fulfilling one.


Frequently Asked Questions

In creative design thinking, as to how we shape a vision and in the campaigns that we produce, we are innovative. Whenever you need us to create the social media strategy or you are already running creative campaign ads, we develop unique content that suits perfectly with your marketing goals. Which really means unique content that fits the product, the networks you use for social media and the audience you target.


Social media provides new creative ideas, trends happening around the world. Each product, strategy demands unique content, design that suits marketing goals.

For modern social media campaigns, content creation is an essential aspect. After all, “ nearly 90 percent of all businesses are involved at a certain level in content marketing, few try to create viral content that Internet users consume.

Mostly I use these free social media creative creation tools which is available free

Adobe Spark 
Gravit Designer
Design Bold 


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